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Digital Storytelling

“Where Modern Multimedia Technology Meets Oral Tradition”

Oral tradition, autobiographical sketches and community folklore go hi-tech through the use of digital storytelling software used by those who choose to capture a moment in their lives or minds and share them with the world. MassIMPACT has engaged a digital storytelling project that has created an excitement in unexpected places. Both youth and adults have been involved in a statewide project to develop and relate their own stories, concerns, perspectives, past struggles and visions for a better future.

What is Digital Storytelling?

Digital storytelling is the use of integrated digital technologies to develop and share personal stories and community histories. These multimedia narratives generally consist of text, voices and images that allow the individual to create candid and/or artistic accounts of their lives, experiences and perspectives on an arrays of topics. The horizon for the use of digital storytelling is endless and has led to the establishment of the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, CA in the 1990s.

Organizations and schools have adapted, and sometimes modify, the process of integrating digital storytelling into school curriculums, after-school programs, individual reflections, community organizing strategies and program evaluation activities. Digital storytelling is also an excellent vehicle for fostering intergenerational interaction between youth and elders whom we affectionately refer to as the “wise and wonderful.”

MassIMPACT Digital Storytelling Project

MassIMPACT sponsors 3 to 4-day digital storytelling workshops, in a “boot camp” format, that take participants through an intensive process of developing scripts, gathering and digitizing images and videos, and editing/integrating all media formats in a manner that tells a well-conceived and compelling story. These workshops culminate in screenings and discussions of digital stories developed by the participants and other storytellers. Through digital storytelling, participants are transformed from mere consumers of media to producers of media: often arriving to the point of seeing themselves, their communities and use of technology from a different and enhanced perspective.

View Digital Stories

The Digital Stories gallery requires QuickTime Player, which is a free download for Windows and Mac.

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